If you are in the construction and building industry sector and supply a service to the public you and your business will benefit hugely from being part of this new resource. You will be a Recommended Partner, you will be Recommended to the public for what you do, you will be a Partner of ours in what we do which is the promotion and marketing of your business to the people that want to avail of your services. Our job is to promote you, tell your story and put your name in lights so that people looking for a service like you are offering will look to you for that service.


We operate on a county by county basis so that if your business all comes from your local county or from some of your neighbouring counties as well, we can target the exact areas that your business primarily comes from to the audience that you ideally want as clients and customers. The work that you do needs to be shown more to your audience and our online news resource is limitless so that if you have images of the work that you do that we can use to promote what you do then that is what we will do. Our job is to ensure that potential customers know that you may be the business that they are looking for when they are seeking out a service like you offer.



As a Member of Construction and Building Industry you will receive an annual package of promotion and support for your business so that what we do for you is all about representing your name and your brand in your local market place. Whether you operate locally or nationally, we have a package that will benefit you and your business. Our model is local to every county so that our A – Z directory of Recommended Partners is local to the residential and business customers that will avail of it for FREE. You can choose to be represented in one county, up to three counties, up to six counties, up to twelve counties, up to twenty-six counties or nationally in all thirty-two counties on the Island of Ireland in the following model –



* A business listing with your logo in the A – Z directory in the county or counties that you choose

* An announcement on our social media channels of your appointment as a Recommended Partner

* A welcome news item on our news site of your appointment as a Recommended Partner

* A guaranteed nomination for your business in The Construction & Building Industry Awards 2021

* Ongoing promotion on our news site of your business with the supply of images and text

* Membership of The Construction & Building Industry Association of Ireland